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Pet Loss Specialist Certification

"As a veterinarian, I deal with pet loss on an almost daily basis yet I had never received any formal training to help my clients with their pet’s loss. I would see many of my clients suffer from their grief and felt inadequate in supporting them. I took the Pet Loss Bereavement Specialist Certification course to provide me with some tools to better support my clients in their time of grief and their decision-making in regard to their pets. I learned several valuable tools and resources that I was able to start using immediately with my clients. I also received insight into the grieving process and how it can affect individuals differently. I feel like I have gained a new and valuable perspective on grief that helps me to function better in my position as a veterinarian."
Jocelyn Mott, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (SAIM)

"As someone who works in the veterinary field, I feel as though I have a good handle on working with clients and their pets during the difficult discussions around, and the process of, euthanasia services of end-of-life care. I am also a receptionist, meaning that a big part of my job is to work with the pet parents. It’s easy, in this field, to focus all of our attention on our patients; however, it’s important that we also ensure our clients are receiving the support and guidance that they need as well.

Working with Sandi, Sharon, and Connie of Pet Loss Partners was a wonderful experience. They remind you that grief comes in all shapes and forms. Whether your client is working through anticipatory grief, trying to make careful end-of-life decisions for their pet, or whether they’re someone who lost their beloved pet months ago and are still grieving, it’s important that we know how to help them through this process. This course dove into the types of grief one can experience, how that grief may be expressed (mentally and physically) and how to best cope with grief. Thank you, Pet Loss Partners, for sharing your experience and knowledge with me!"

Lauren Golick | Veterinary Assistant | Signature Veterinary Services

"This course "Pet Loss Bereavement Specialist Training" was excellent. The combination of online, webinars, phone conversations and additional valuable reading material were so informative. Sandi and Ruth truly care that you succeed in helping clients, that you become very comfortable talking with them and others in the group. You can ask questions, with the confidence to receive the help and understand there are no dumb questions. I truly highly recommend this training course."
Ann Rooney | Pet Loss Support Specialist | NorthStar VETS Veterinary Emergency, Trauma, and Specialty Center

PetLoss Partners welcomes BetterVet staff to join us for our March 11th, 2024

Pet Loss Specialist Certification Course.

BetterVet staff receive a discounted tuition of $360. (Regular Tuition $425)

Here are just a few benefits you'll receive from joining us in the course

**  Gain Specific and Useful Tools for Helping Grieving Pet Parents  **
**  Receive 11 RACE CE's  **
**  Become part of our Alumni community for continuing education and support  **

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