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Education For Veterinarians and Animal Care Professionals


Why We Created This Course

The End-of-Life period is an extremely impactful time for pet parents. The experience they go through with their beloved pets is one that stays with them for many years. If you are an empathetic person who has a desire to make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling with the loss of a pet, it is time to consider becoming a Pet Bereavement Specialist!

The PetLoss Partners Pet Bereavement Specialist Certification Course

Our online course will provide you with the knowledge and more importantly, the practical skills to help clients through the End-of-Life-time period with their pets and through the loss to healing. Our course is a combination of written information and interactive webinars. You’ll also get the added benefit participating in group calls designed to enhance your learning experience.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in our 10-week interactive course:
  • Module 1 – Introduction to Pet Loss – Who is a Pet Loss Specialist – Webinar
  • Module 2 – Anticipatory Bereavement/Grief
  • Module 3 – Special Populations – Helping Children, Singles, Couples, Seniors and Disabled individuals
  • Module 4 – Special Situations – Helping Pet Parents who have gone through Re-homing a pet/Had a pet go Missing/Gone Through a Tragic Accident with their beloved pets.
  • Module 5 – Guilt and Anger – Helping Pet Parents cope with the two most common emotions other than the grief.
  • Module 6 – Communication Skills – Learning specific communication skills to help Pet Parents begin to heal – Webinar
  • Module 7 – Individual and Group Sessions – Learning specific tips for conducting Individual Sessions and Support Groups – Webinar
  • Module 8 – AfterCare – Helping Pet Parents with their concerns on what happens after they have lost their beloved pets.
  • Module 9 – Support Around and For You – Learning strategies for managing/combating Compassion Fatigue including tips for Self-Care
  • Module 10 – Communicating with Clients – End-of-Life Situations – Learn specific strategies for helping clients at the end-of-life stage with their pets. Incudes tips for helping clients before, during and after the euthanasia process.

  • Bonus Module – Marketing Your Services - Optional Learning useful and practical
    strategies for letting others know about the services you are offering.
Additional benefits of the course include:
  • 3 Scheduled Group Calls – An opportunity to review, discuss and ask questions regarding the information learned.
  • This program has been approved for 11 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval.
  • Membership in our closed FB group – A chance to interact with our instructors and other students about the module topics.
  • Two 20-minute complimentary consultations with our instructors. An opportunity to ask questions and discuss ways to help Pet Parents.
  • Opportunities for Advanced Learning
  • Participation in the Support Forum for Pet Loss Specialists

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