Love YourselfSelf-Care Strategies


Taking Care of Yourself

The most effective way to combat Compassion Fatigue is to develop a Personalized Strategic Plan that provides self-care strategies as well as an early warning system to let you know you are moving into the “Compassion Fatigue Zone.” The goal is to move from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction.

This means learning to take care of yourself by:
  • Making yourself and your own self-care a priority each day
  • Working towards establishing a balance between work and your personal life
  • Identifying activities that bring you happiness
  • Developing new activities or hobbies you would like to try
  • Leaving the “caregiver” role at work

We have provided a fun flyer that you can download which can help you remember to take the time to care for yourself on a daily basis.

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Self-Care within the Veterinary Practice/Rescue/Shelter

This is critical so that a “staff infection” of Compassion Fatigue doesn’t break out. Organizational self-care starts with a commitment by management.

Implementing ideas such as those listed below can help your organization function effectively and in a way that is best for everyone involved.

  • Creating a Staff Task Force designed to gauge the attitudes/opinions and needs of those working within the organization
  • Creating a health-promoting work culture for everyone within the organization
  • Implementing regular staff meetings designed to identify and find solutions for stressors within the organization
  • Bringing in outside expertise to work with staff and management in creating a healthy self-care environmen

PetLoss Partners can help you and/or your organization come up with and maintain an effective and personalized self-care plan.

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